Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm sorry I havent been keeping up with this blog! I see the last I wrote was in Jan, before Kasey left for our first deployment! Well let's say A LOT has changed since then!! :) Good news, we are now HALF WAY threw this thing! Kasey came home on R & R and visited for about 2 weeks, and is now back overseas.

Konlee -  (10 months) she's growing entirely way to fast... 4 teeth, standing on her own, and is mobile now. Crawling all over the place. She does have quite a bit of an attitude.. I'm not sure where she got that from? Any ideas?! LOL

Kyla ( 3 yrs) - she's started gymnastics here in town and is loving it!! She can do a front and back roll, hand stand and can go backwards frontwards, and bunny hops on the beam. She has a few new friends in gymnastics and also one out. She is getting ready to start school when we get back to Texas.

Kasey is doing well over there in Sand Country. :)

Boston- can't forget about him! ;) he's being a good dog! :)

We also have a new baby on the way... NO NOT US! haha! My sister is due in September with a girl.. Marlee!

We are looking to head back to Texas after Marlee is born. We are hoping to be on the road the 2nd week of October! We will hopefully have on post housing by then too!! Until Next Time  <3

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